Saturday, October 11, 2008

DiDi Ninja

This is my latest toy--DiDi Ninja. He's fat. And notti. Seriously, I think he's a monkey in disguise. Bleah.

And he chews all the toys and even his crate everyday! Mommy says it's because he's a puppy. I say he's got serious problems up there.

Now we've all got to jaga him. See his evil puppy look? Mommy and me needs a facemask & spa frm all that work.

I wonder when will he grow up?

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

For Tristan, my best fren

Harlow guys,

Mommy rcvd news frm Aunt C lastnite that my bestest fren Tristan got admitted to hospital. He was very sick and semi-conscious. Apparently, he chewed up the cabinets and there might be sme holes in his intestine. They did an Xray and then sme barium studies, showing a huge chunk of stuff in his intestine.

Now he's being transferred to a doggie hospital for an operation. Let's all pray for him, that all will go well and Tristan will be back to his usual boisterous BC-self very soon.

Cross my paws, Yuki


Update from Mommy:

Mommy's seen Tristan lastnite. He didnt have the operation after all. The barium studies showed a big blockage in his tummy (I wonder what's stuck there?). So they've put him on steroids and will check him again today. Mommy says Tristan looks much better and can jump to high-5 her, though the drip on his front paw makes him look like a patient.

I hope he doesnt have a shoe or ball in his tummy. Chkn wings? Hmmm....

Cross my paws & tail, Yuki


Bwahahahahaaha! Its a rubber stopper! Mommy says Tristan poo-ed out a rubber stopper! Anyways, he has been completely cured so we can stop worrying abt him. Mommy says he's lost weight as a result of this incident and I dare say he won't like rubber stoppers anymore....tsk tsk tsk! Heehee!

Paws, Yuki