Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yuki (Phelps!) Heehee...

I shouldn't bore u guys out with too much of my swimming peektures but the hoomans have been watching TV recently in awe of this swimmer-hooman named Phelps, 1 of the latest greatest Olympian they said. So I thot I shall post some of my SWIM peektures so my hoomans would stop watching him and play with me instead.

Well I may not have broken any hooman records but I definitely break the slowest corgi swimming record in history. So Im still a world record holder. WR.

After 20mins in the pool, corgi champion starts to foam. I think it's the chlorine.
Ohmigosh! I'm losing the last 0.02sec becuz I've got water in my goggles!!! Am I crashing lanes?!?
Hey you! It's against the the rules to hold-tail during the last lap!! You can't stop me!
Normally the winner holds a trophy up....now why is mommy holding me when I'm the winner???
Some shots of fellow competitors and their coach.
(Mommy: Yuki is actually the slowest living object ever to move in that pool. Ever. :p)
The real Ms Yuki--aka Momo's coach. The fellow in the background is Sparky korkor, he got distracted by 2 round plates n 1 pwetty-girl statue halfway thrgh his lap, heehee!
Tristan didi with his dad & Sparky korkor with his dad
A groupshot of the 3 fastest moving Border Collies on earth!
Me pondering abt my next swim..shd I do the butter-fry stroke or the froggy style next time? Both sounds yummy on TV...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I drove myself to school!

Today I decided to drive myself to school...Cuz I'm a big girl nw!
(Mommy: Yuki, the no-license corgi is a DANGER on the roads. Notti corgi!)

Must rem to check side mirror!

Papa taking a break to pose while I hold the steering wheel, heehee!

Actually very boring...

We finally reached in 1 piece! Next destination: swimming @ Mutts n Mittens.
Mommy: I'm glad Yuki is not driving anymore. Phew!

Here's Aunt Claudia holding me for a break. She's soo nice! If it was Daddy or Mommy, they wld have not allowed me to stop, bleeah!

Click on the video to see what I did during my break...the hoomans said I was farnie, swimming in the air....well, I just couldnt stop my corgi paws frm pedaling cuz I was soooo scared! Bleaaah!

This is Uncle Alvin holding me, look at my eyes! My mascara is smudging!
Let me off, puhh-leeease??

Then I met Momo halfway thrgh my lap...here's a lifesaver, let's see whether we can take a break on his back, heehee!

Tristan...what happened to his ears?!?!

The 3 Amigos!

After a looooong swim.....

Tristan, still bright & sparkling...

Momo Surrenders....

Me pretend to blend in with the couch.....

Are we going home finally? See me n Tristan with sad puppy faces...we are 2 hungry pups!

Did u say DINNER??? Heehee!

Till the next adventure!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

National Dog Walk '08

3rd Aug 2008 marks moi's 1st National Dog Walk. Apparently, every year all the doggies on our sunny little island come together to try & break the record for most no of dogs in 1 place together! Real cooool! Mommy says that moi cant miss such an important doggie event, plus I'll get to see the S.O.C.K (Official Singapore Corgi Kakis) so Daddy and Mommy packed me off to WCDR at 10am sharp in the morning! (Yawnzzz, I was still sleeping in my strawberry duh...)

Here are some peektures to mark the day!

Here's Daddy carrying me (I complained it was tooooo hot! Heehee...)

And that's Tristan with a hat to hide from the sun! I had 1 too but it was too big for my tiny little head...bleeah!

And then I met sme corgi frens! Here's Goggi....

Goggi's bigger than moi cuz I'm still a pup! But Mommy thinks that Goggi looks like a reeeal corgi!

A lovely peekture of Goggi...

I cant remember his name but he's reaaal handsome! With a bushy tail no less!

And then there's Jasper, a handsome 5 yr old long-fur corgi korkor (on the left)...

I didn't catch his name but I think I wld luurve to curl up to him on a cold day...wooo...

We then watched the competitions! Did I mention that there were some fun agility competitions that day? Here's Axl korkor in the ring...

Axl korkor on the startline with his Mommy, Aunt Tanya.

And then Cookie korkor, we see him on Sats when he comes to practise his adult stuff! Cool!

Cool Cookie jumping thrgh a tyre!

Not forgetting Super Mr Bailey! He didnt get to compete becuz Mr Smartdoggy was organising the trials but he had a FUN time playing frisbee! Heehee....

And guess what time the day ended?
Well beyond moi's dinner time.....growling stomach....I miss my wings.....

Monday, August 4, 2008

My Baby Videos!

Mommy took a gooooood hard look at moi lastnight & decided its time to post my baby videos cuz I look so different now. Do I really look like a grown-up corgi now? I'm only 10mths old!

These are the only few videos that mommy has of puppy-moi cuz the rest of the time, I was buzzzzy frapping away! Heehee...

(Mommy: Pls ignore all the irritating sounds in the video, oops.)

I lurrve the MagicWiper!

Frap! Frap! Frap!

The mirror's got another me!

I like the carpet, heehee...