Sunday, July 5, 2009

Dog shelter (Mdm Wong)

Mom & Dad went to this place after our swim & took many peektures. Mom says its a place where abandoned dogs are rescued and a lady with a big heart keeps them alive, awaiting their next furever home. I cant imagine any doggies without their furever homes though I think abt abandoning Ninja smetimes. Heehee. But really, he makes a nice pet though he's irritating.

This is where all the small size doggies stay TOGETHER. They dun have their own rooms like u and me but they get shelter & food, and love from the BIG-HEART-Lady.

Mom fell in love with this cutie cuz she looks like me. She's an escape artist apparently, ran out of the gate when the hoomans were not watching. Now dat's what I do best! Heehee! I wld lurve to make frens with this cutie, we'll have fun!!

She's abit tiny to be moi, dunch ya think?

She likes to be the centre of hooman attention, just like me! Heehee!

Ooh...and Cutie likes hooman hugs!

Mom says this one's real sweet too!

And the Cutie wanted to be part of the peekture again!

And we've gotta to show this pretty doggie here. Not sure if she's a puppy but she sure needs a gd furever home. Just look at those eyes....say awwww....

She raises a tiny paw and tries to fren my mom.

And she told my mom that she wanted to meet me (heehee).

Now its not fair to keep showing brown dogs who look like moi so there she is.

And sometimes, they're abit bigger than some. A very handsome husky. Oooh....(Yuki swoons).

OMG. This doggie totally wins paws down. How cute can she get? I need to get my own fan to practise this stunt.

Who? Me?

I need my own furever home with fan. Adopt me?

They all need good furever homes, pls spread the word...

Swimming with my irritating lil' brudder

At the start of the swim....

Half an hour later....

Doesnt he ever get bored of swimming?!?!


Come play with me?

Yuki: Im gonna look for some small ant to be my fren. It'll better than dat boring black dog.

Yuki: Mabbe I shd dig sme holes...

Ninja: Awww...quit bothering me.

Yuki: If you cant beat them, join them!!!! Heeheehee!! SPLASH!!

Ninja: Now I have to share again...

Ninja: I think I need to....mmm...mmm....dun take my pic!!!

Meanwhile, the pesky corgi follows secretly...

Yuki: Hey! Wassup?! Heeheehee...

Ninja: Go away!!!

Shall we be frens??
Now just let me shake all these water out! Heehee!

Doesnt he lok yummilicious?