Sunday, November 23, 2008

BARF times

Mom says its time I share the pics & videos of our BARF menu with everyone here. Moi used to be on kibbles until we heard of BARF frm my bestest fren Tristan's mommy. So we tried the diet & it turns out I quite like my chkn wings RAW! hehehe.

So beware! This post is filled with sme Blood & Gory details.

Our menus finally pasted on the fridge door cuz Mom & Dad kept getting it wrong, with me & Ninja eating differently.

MY Lunch. Yummy.

Ninja's lunch. Bigger. Hmpf.

Mom's heart-shape vege cubes. There's still the daisy ones & the butterfly ones. Don't ask me why. I donch noe. I eat them up anyways.


Mom: So How do The dogs eat?

Princess, before her meal, on her heavenly throne. See that veil which separates her Highness & us commoners?

Pincess decides to check out her lunch.

Princess thinks she's not so hungry yet.

A video to prove it...

So, what does the rest of the household do when Princess eats? (Since it takes the same amt of time to possibly dry a quilt. Yes. She takes that long.)

Ninja, all calm & collected before his meal. He waits for his turn.

And daddy slogs away behind the doggy gate. Heeheehee.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Fun-filled Saturday Part II

After my spa B&F session, Aunty Zoe frm Pawsitive Sensations picked me up for a doggie massage. How heavenly is that?? Aawwww....I can't wait to go for my next massage....ooohhhh....

A peekture of Yuki pretending to be the resident-dog Benny.

Mom, have u come to get me home?

You guys are not really leaving me here, are u?

Mom comes in to pay the bill and I get a rub-dub frm Aunty Zoe for being a good girl.

And before we go hme, sme doggie comes to give me a goodbye kiss, who else but Benny!

I Bleeaaaah u!

Ok, let's have a real goodbye kiss!

I'll miss u...come'on, don't cry....

Before I end today's fun-filled post, did I fail to mention I met many many nice uncles & aunties tdy? I saw Coco's mommy Aunty Linda and this fellow below...

Now he's the real deal! Monty Corgi!

Fun-filled Saturday Part I

This morn, Mom & Dad woke up reeeeaal early (which was rare for these 2 lazy hoomans) and packed us off to K9 Kampus. Mom sent me off to swimming class & the hoomans had breakfast with didi Ninja. Duh! What abt moi??? I was left to slog...such is my pooooorrr life! (Yuki's a drama-baby)

This brown lab & moi had a gd chat as we lapped..

Meanwhile, Mom & Dad were enjoying their Teriyaki-chkn burger with nachos, WTF?!?! Where's my iced-Pocari???

Peekture of me and some newfound frens



Heehee! While jiejie Yuki paddled hard in the pool, Mom & Dad brght me nextdoor to USDB. I knew Mom & Dad lurved me mre than Yuki! hahaha!

This is my brekky!

Must we take peektures NOW??? Can't I just EAT???

ATTACK-time!!! Finally I can chomp on this! Jiejie, I'll tell u what it tastes like after ur swim, hehehe!


Meanwhile, Yuki gets picked up for grooming nextdoor for a nice B&F (Bath & Fluff), how pampered is dat pooch gonna get or wat?

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Mom says I like ducks so....

Mom says my fav is ducks...well, I admit I like duckmeat, yummy! I mean, which doggie doesnt? And dad likes to play "quack-quack" with me. It's a game he self-devised, takes a ducky tug-toy and we play tug all over the hse, chanting quack-quack as he goes along. I'm embarrassed by Dad smetimes, really..


Oh well.....Mom says we cld use it as a Halloween costume. Are ducky suits frightening?

Dad, are we done with this?