Saturday, May 31, 2008

My lazy Saturday afternoon

Since Im trapped at home, what else better to do than to rub on my fav carpet in the aircon studyroom? Ooh....I love leaving my pawprints all over!

Mommy: Yuki is recovering frm a bout of ringworm, hence by decree, she is a prisoner for the moment.

But smetimes I forget....there's a glass door..oopsy! Ouch!

Ever since I fell 'sick', I get to do things Im not normally allowed to cuz they feel sorry for me.'s me getting a massage frm Daddy as I lie on the sofa pillows.
The key to note is to pretend to look real sick & grouchy *winks*

Hehe, actually its very shiok! I feel like a pampered pooch! Shhh...dont tell Daddy....

So shiok until I had to lick my paws to stop myself frm laffing...oooh....aahhh....

Yah, chewing on my toycar helps. Hey there, massage harder la! Who say u can stop nw?!

Then I take a lazy nap on the sofa....zzzzzz....
Mommy: Her wound still looks scary...

And Mommy bght me a new mat, well its pretty comfy....Ok, passed!

Mommy: This is a cool mat frm ikea's BB section, comfy for furkids during the hot weather...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Me down with rings!


Mommy & Daddy came back early tdy & brght me out. This was unusual, especially after their little panic attack lastnite. Lastnite mommy & Daddy flipped me all over in a frenzy & checked me upside down for fleas/ticks.

This is a picture of me in the car....see my pretty pose? I like to sit right in front so I always reach my destination FIRST. Hehe..
oohh...where are we going? Pawtabello again?

They brought me to the vet!!! No wonder come home so early!! I got cheated, me no like vets. Hmpf!

This is a picture of grumpy Yuki after the vet's visit.

Mommy: Yuki got hit by a bout of ringworms. As explained by Dr Eugene, ringworms are not actually worms but can be transmitted by the germs around us as well. Silly Yuki has a very bad habit of chewing on her hot spots (itchy spots due to whatever allergy she might has) & it aggravated, resulting in ringworm which is a fungal infection.

Mommy: See the hotspots? There's hardly any fur left, the silly girl chewed it all off.

Mommy: That's what ringworm infection looks like. It didnt look like this when we found out. It looked real nasty then, with bloodscabs all over. Dr Eugene shaved the fur off this part so we can put medication & it wont aggravate. Luckily, this was the only very nasty spot.

Then they put me in a cone somemore!!!
I cant walk properly! Duh. When is this gonna end?

Mommy & Daddy decided I cldnt go out yet (at least for these 2 days) and went out by themselves. Hmpf! That's what they went to see without me....nice meh?

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Chapter 1

Im Yuki, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi & Im 7mths old. I live with my mommy & daddy in MY house where Im Princess. Mommy says I shd have started blogging when I was 4mths old but I wasnt strong enuff to climb onto the laptop then. But now Im stronger & I have sharper claws.

See my claws? Boo! Ru scared?

This is me when I was posing at 4mths old. I like to smile for the camera, the humans like to goo & ga, I dunno why....*shrugs*

Sometimes I manja mommy den I get treats & beefballs after dat *slurps*
Mommy says I got small paws, not like normal corgi at all. Well I think mommy's paws are too big, not like normal humans too. Bleah!

Sometimes I play with daddy cuz Im his princess. See?! The other huge-paw human!!

When nobody plays with me, I chew my bone on my carpet....

Or read the newspapers......

This is a grumpy me cuz it was raining yest morn & I didnt get to go to doggie school. Hmpf!
When I go to doggie school, I get to play with other doggies & go swimming. I even met a corgi last Wed, think his name is BarnBarn. I do hope to see him next week den we can all play!