Thursday, February 26, 2009


MY coffee table.

MY very dirty coffee table.

Who?!? Me?

C.S.I at work.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Sleeping corgi

I couldnt decide which of these peektures were cuter. All of yuki-corgi after her class, she was totally knocked out. She actually looks FAT in the peektures, finally, I have a chubby corgi!!! (Actually Yuki-corgi is quite underweight at 7.6kg)

And then Yuki-corgi decides to sleep thrgh movie "Bourne Ultimatum". Nothing could wake her up...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hort Park Hot

On Sunday, we went to Hort Park. I askd Mom if it was a HOT park and she said no. But when we reached, it was a HOT park. Hoomans.

The lion was hot too. Look, he's so tanned!

Hmmm....where's the beautiful scenery?

Beautiful morning glory...Mom lurves this but we cant seem to grow it outside our aptmt cuz there's not enuff sunlight. Of cuz, we can't grow it inside our aptmt due to SOME bugger.

Who? Me? Who?

Mom says Hort Park stands for "Horticulture" so it has many ideas for gardening. Look what cool ideas they have!! They grow them frm PCK boots!!!

And Tam-Puis!!!

This is alrite...its a Ribena bottle.

So is this...I do hope Mom doesnt get any weird ideas and use our foodbowls to plant flowers. No, that's not such a good idea Mom.

Beautiful flowers...leads us to....

....a pretty pavilion!

Ok, do we get a breakfast here? I don't mind a picnic!

I pose pretty!

What??! You didn't bring mine???

I wanna go home! Like right now!!

Will ya hurry up? I see a cafe there!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dog Tired

This is my what I do every day. See this messy kitchen? The simmering pot of soup and rice cooker waiting to be filled?
What can I say? They just work me like a dog.

Even my spatula is black frm all that cooking!

I have to watch the oven too! Now is that a bark I hear?

Hey pup! Im not done cooking yet! Dinner's not ready! Now stop squabbling and keep quiet boy! Ok! Ok! I'll feed u soon k?!?

I need a breather!

And I have to supervise cleaning!! Dont these hoomans think they're overworking me?!?!

Shd I quit this low paying job in midst of this recession? Hmmm...

Sometimes, cold stark reality just stares at u in the face.

Like this.

How abt hiring me?? Im cheap! Cheap & good! I'll work very hard!!!