Monday, January 12, 2009

The Floods

This is what we came home to. Looks normal? Well, notice the lights reflecting off the SPARKLING floor? That's because there's an inch of water all around.

The kitchen, similarly wet, reflecting the lights.

Dad, waddling in silence. He said he won't talk to me again. :(

They had to swipe the waters out by the front door.

Mom wasn't too happy cuz even Reindeer had to hide. His paws got wet but he looks fine. I think he can come out next X'mas, Mom. Hee? I in deep trouble? I think I better hide...

Urm...Urm...Urm....pls don't break my paws. And don't hoot my pwetty face.
I swear I won't touch that tap again.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Botanical Gardens

On Sunday, Yuki was feeling better post-Op so Mom & Dad brought us to the Botanical Gardens to have a looooong walkie. This is us! I didn't wanna use this peekture but some CUTIE (obviously) threatened me with my next meal. What can a poooor doggie do?

Pwetty Gardens

Yuki corgi: Ohmigosh! I love fishy fishy fishy!!! Think we can catch some and dry them, Mom? Slurps.

Scaredy cat Ninja. Guess what he's hiding from? He was so embarrassing...

The lake! On the other side of the pathway. Can u imagine he dragged us like this around the WHOLE lake??? Stupid boy. Mom, we shd have left him at home.

Finally, at a spot where no water can be seen, the scaredy cat pauses for a break.

Some new frens we made... Sydney the corgi. Isn't he super duper cute?!?!?
He's 4 yrs old and he's a pwetty corgi!

And that's his BFF Lightning. Awww....

What's so cute abt corgis? I don't understand this whole fanfare. Aren't they just shorties & don't we have one at home anyways, Mom?

Taking a break after a morning's walk...

Mom, shall we do this again next week? I so so so lurve this place. It's just right for a Queen's dog like moi.

Oh yah man, let's do this again! Slurp slurp slurp. Water splashes. Slurp slurp. Now where's my brekky?

Friday, January 9, 2009

Partners in crime

Oops...No Mom. I didn't do that. I think the newspapers kinda flew into my face and then, it just shredded by itself...

Oh wow! Your plant is dropping slippers! Ohmigosh! Isn't that wonderful, Mom?

Erm...are those your heels, Mom? Oh wow, why's that under the dining table?

Partners In Crime

Awww...Yuki jiejie didn't do it. Pls don't punish her. I broke out of my prison cuz I wanted to stretch my paws & play with her.

I surrender my toys to u, Mom? Would u forgive us if I give u my bone?

I'm so sorry now...
Yuki corgi: "Psssttt! Quick! Act cute, act cute!"

Monday, January 5, 2009

Post-Op peekture

A peekture I took of my big sista, Yuki corgi, post-Op. She was sedated and cldnt move, I was worried for her.

See her wound? Jiejie, wake up soon, I'll give u my toys & bone?

Saturday, January 3, 2009

The duck and the chicken

Yuki jiejie is on 3 weeks MC cuz Mom & Dad neutered her.
Therefore, I officially HIJACK her blog! Hehehe...No boring corgi-talk for this 3 weeks, just ME ME ME!! The suuuupppper Border Collie!!!

Some peektures of my 1st swimming lesson at Mutts n Mittens, with who else, but the corgi.

Ohmigosh!!! Its cold! Brrrr.....that's a very huge bath! Why must I bath?

Dad!! Dont push me!! Im falling off!!

Dont bluff me with the ball! Im gonna take away this ball so u've got no excuse to push me into the pool again. Bleah!!

Nope. Im not going in there anymore. The corgi's taking my shift instead.

Paddles Paddles Paddles....

Ninja's a scaredy cat, heehee.
Here kitty kitty kitty....

Im not talking to anybody now. Hmpf. Hmpf. Hmpf.

Aw, come on! Dont be such a petty little boy, will ya?

End of swimming episode.
As narrated by Chicken-Ninja & Ducky-Yuki.