Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry X'mas!!

Merry X'mas!

ok ok....another pose.

Are we done now?


Look. Dad's sleeping too! Can't I join him?


Harlo everybody!!! Merry X'mas!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mom's shoes...oh no....

We did something's upset. Oh no...and it's all Ninja's fault.
This is Mom's sneakers. Notice left & right looks different?

This is what it's supposed to look like...

And this is what it looks like after Ninja did his OCD thing. He undid the shoelaces (which were criss-X & knotted) & even took the velcro out of the hook. Luckily, he did not chew on it and just left tons of drool.

This is what I did when I was a puppy, I only liked highheels. I'm smarter right? Sneakers are smelly, hehehe...silly boy!

Mom, we're truly sorry. Pls forgive us? I've put myself in this laundry bin & thrown Ninja into the washing machine. Heehee!

I lurve Pressie!

I lurve my pressie frm Aunt Zoe & Aunt Linda @ Pawsitive Sensations. Thank u! Muaks! It has many goodies inside, I had a sneak preview, heehee....

Mom, can I have my pressie now?

How about now?!? Puh-leeeaaase!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Is that Ninja??

This is what my lil' brudder Ninja looks like now.

Mom says he used to look super duper cute. Like I care. Like I believe. Is that really him???? He's got puppy blue eyes....eeewwww....

Bighead boy, even during puppyhood.

That's him with his littermates. He looked so tame, what a bluff!!

And Ninja when we were abt to bring him home. He was still sweet.

So when did he morph into this little monster that we have now??!?!?


Mom wanted to swap. For Chloe cuz she's so pretty and angelic looking.

Then she wanted to swap for Benny cuz he's so handsome and well-behaved,

Then she wanted to swap for Monty cuz he's such a majestic corgi.

And then Dad wanted to bring Princess BooBoo home cuz she's soooo cute!

I have had enough. Me! Me! Me!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pre-dinner time

What happens when Mom prepares food and then walks away? Ninja gets caught in the act!!

Hey punk! Don't go around stealing my pork livers! Woof!

Hi Mom! What do u think I move under the oven to make my new bed? It's so convenient to wake up to the smell of breakfast! hehehe!

OMG! Can't believe the ideas of this pup. When's he gonna grow up? Can someone pls feed him so we can get him out of the way?

Finally, Ninja gets his dinner Lambchops! Wait a min, isn't a border collie supposed to guard his sheep? Why's he eating them? Eeewww....tsk tsk tsk.

**As feedback frm many concerned readers, just to highlight that ugly scary thing in the corner is a tug toy (just shredded to pieces only). Nope, it is not a goat's head...

That boy is eating too much, I tell ya! Look at those fat cheeks!

Yuki & the young punk

Mom decided we shd dress up ugly fugly Ninja (heehee!) with a nice scarf so we can bring him out for walks (I mean real good walks to those places with many hoomans) without scaring old folks & little kids. So we found a pretty scarf to put on him. Oh well, a pity it wasn't pink. Hehe.

Watchu guys think? Alright? Or shd we get smething cuter?

Harlow everybody!

Mom hugging me for a breather so I wld leave Ninja alone. Hah! Just u wait punk!

Hey punk! Is that my toy? Leave it alone! Just u wait! &#@*!@!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008


No peektures today but Mum is finally jotting down all those commands we picked up the last 6 mths. She says she can't believe there's so much! I say she's 1 big lazy bummer.

Basic commands (directional)
1. Sit (then there's treats)
2. Stay (Do I get another treat?)
3. Stop (Ok, Im tired anyways)
4. Down (Another treat?)
5. Left (spin)
6. Right (spin)*I'm a kylie minogue fan heehee*
7. Side
8. Come/Here (Ok, I didn't do it. It was Ninja)
9. Touch (with nose)
10. Back/Target (yet to be mastered :p)
11. Front
12. Center (if hubby stops confusing this with Front, my dog might actually master it)
13. Round
14. Wee
15. Pee (only applicable to Ninja)
16. Quiet (only applicable to Ninja, again)
17. Oei! (Dont touch that stuff, its mine)
18. Uh-Uh (Im watching u punk, u better dont go near there)
19. Leave it/drop it (applicable to Ninja when he's tugging on Yuki's leash & choking her)
20. Stop it! (applicable when the dogs behave like errant little kids)

Obstacle commands
1. Over (out)
2. Jump
3. Tyre
4. Tunnel
5. Poles (weave)
6. Ok (release)
7. Step (contact)
8. Off
9. Go
10. Wrap (yet to be mastered :p)
11. Table

Commands that my dog taught me
1. 1 bark--Come pick up my poop, u lazybum.
2. whine/groan--This is boring. When is this ending & how abt dinner?
3. Constant whine--There's something out there! Probably a dog! Can I go play nw? Puh-lease??
4. A short whine with a question mark--Whats up dude?
5. Touch (the door with nose)--Hey! Open the door!

Now do u have any to share with me? We wld lurve to know if u have a special command which u've managed to taught ur silly hooman.

Paws, Yuki