Sunday, September 18, 2011

My sidekick NINJA

This is my sidekick NINJA. He's been growing up and he's finally 3 yearz ol!!

This is us at 1 of Ninja's barkday pawties! I'm of course, behind the camera, taking the peekture. Where did you think I was?

He's into doggysports so he reads his CleanRun magazines when he can. Ninja, no more ordering of doggy toys online, u hear me? We have way too much squeakies!

Sometimes he has to do guard duty at the door, beside Mom's many shoez.

At other times, all he needs to do is pretend to be a cute fluffy. Actually Ninja secretly thinks he's a chihuahua. this mabbe. Nah, this is our neighbourhood cat.

This is the 2 of uz in our new play area. The green rug's freaking me out, it looks so much like grass! Now let's hope the silly boy doesn't pee on it.

Ninja you see that? That's what they do to Border Collies who misbehave! They skin them! hehehe!

And this is the 2 of uz on our afternoon nap. Ninja, don't you drool on me! And dont grab me with your pawz, I'm not your bolster!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Im almoz 4. And that means more cookies.

Harlo everybirdy!!!

I cant believe my sabbatical has been for more than a year! *crosses paws*

Let me update you on what has happened in our dogdays while I was away.

In the time that I have left my blogging work aside, US Dog Bakery has come up with the DOGGIE MOONCAKEZ!!! Its filled with sweet potato and lamb/beef/chicken fillings.
I lurve mooncakez! (Dai-Zhong-Kuo mooncakes don't taste too bad either) Hiak Hiaks!
They should really have mooncakes as doggie daily meals, I don't know why mooncakez are only allowed every 15 days of the year!?! Do u???

I did work too, as a PR dog. I had to up my cuteness meter and pose while Dad tries to get more hoomans to sign up for the National Dog Walk 2011. And boy was it fun! I hope you didn't miss it!

Lots of my doggie frenz came for the National Dogwalk 2011. Aunt E came with Ginger too, and here's our group foto when the boys wasn't snarling at each other, hehehe!

On the serious front, I did a lot of contemplating on LIFE as a Singaporean corgi and who I should vote as President of my doggyland if I was allowed to. I watched TV and read the newspaperz everyday.

Meanwhile, Dad says he haz no problem voting for the coolest hairstyle.

But deep deep inside, Dad sayz I should run for President!!! Watchu think?

And...Mom? She went playing with other puppiez AGAIN!!!! Stop it!!!
That's cute Breitling, he's a puppy. Hmppf.

Since Im now an adult dog, I haz learned to do my own HUNT. And this is how you eatz a real BONE. Yummyz!

Awwww I don't look scary all the time. This is me, looking cute, dressing up as Feng Fei Fei !!!

Yawnz, blogging is tiring.....

Sweeeet Dreaaammmzzz!