Thursday, September 15, 2011

Im almoz 4. And that means more cookies.

Harlo everybirdy!!!

I cant believe my sabbatical has been for more than a year! *crosses paws*

Let me update you on what has happened in our dogdays while I was away.

In the time that I have left my blogging work aside, US Dog Bakery has come up with the DOGGIE MOONCAKEZ!!! Its filled with sweet potato and lamb/beef/chicken fillings.
I lurve mooncakez! (Dai-Zhong-Kuo mooncakes don't taste too bad either) Hiak Hiaks!
They should really have mooncakes as doggie daily meals, I don't know why mooncakez are only allowed every 15 days of the year!?! Do u???

I did work too, as a PR dog. I had to up my cuteness meter and pose while Dad tries to get more hoomans to sign up for the National Dog Walk 2011. And boy was it fun! I hope you didn't miss it!

Lots of my doggie frenz came for the National Dogwalk 2011. Aunt E came with Ginger too, and here's our group foto when the boys wasn't snarling at each other, hehehe!

On the serious front, I did a lot of contemplating on LIFE as a Singaporean corgi and who I should vote as President of my doggyland if I was allowed to. I watched TV and read the newspaperz everyday.

Meanwhile, Dad says he haz no problem voting for the coolest hairstyle.

But deep deep inside, Dad sayz I should run for President!!! Watchu think?

And...Mom? She went playing with other puppiez AGAIN!!!! Stop it!!!
That's cute Breitling, he's a puppy. Hmppf.

Since Im now an adult dog, I haz learned to do my own HUNT. And this is how you eatz a real BONE. Yummyz!

Awwww I don't look scary all the time. This is me, looking cute, dressing up as Feng Fei Fei !!!

Yawnz, blogging is tiring.....

Sweeeet Dreaaammmzzz!

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