Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What do we do during school holidays?

So what do we good doggies do during school holidays?


Mom & Dad brght me to Aunt Lorna's hse for a Boxing Corgi Get-Together on Boxing Day! The hoomans prepared alota food for the dogs but see pic below. Now who are they trying to kid? Those are all for the hoomans!!!

Well, I cldnt care less so long as they give me that dog-cake! Yummyzz!!
And I got to see this cute guy--BarnBarn. I personally think he's got a rough-edge look with that nipped ear, I like badboyz...heehee!

There was his sista too! She's a water-corgi.

And this is BooBoo.

Other than corgi pawtys, I bring my lil' brudder to swimming. U know, if u dont exercise the BC, they go abit bonkers, hehe.

We suntan together, me & my brudder!

And he makes sme new frenz! Im proud of my lil' brudder cuz he didnt snap at this boy who showed him all his teeth.

I also got to play with my Dad, who's disappearing from my life so often now that I feel tempted to chew up his passport.

Well, I think December was a good month. Watchu think?

xoxo, love Yuki