Wednesday, November 18, 2009

London Dogweek (Kaaaaah Puuuui!!!)

Cuz they did NOT bring me! Hmmpf!!!
Mum and Dad went away for TWO weeks and left us at DogSchool! Imagine me and fatboy huddled together for TWO weeks?!?!? And then they went this place WITHOUT us?!?!??

I was already suspicious when they took out Da-Black-Box-with-Wheels.
I asked Dad.

He says its nothing and continued to fold his underwear. I smiled sweetly.

Then he packed more and more into DaBlackBox. I pondered in my corner, if I shd bite all those undies of his. Maybe he wont be able to go away then.

I sulked. And pouted.

Then I pretended to tear.

But they still went away!!!

And guess what they did there? They BETRAYED us!!!

She's just black! How can she be cute?!?! Is this cute???
[MOM--Jealousy knows no boundaries]

And guess what? They did more HORRID things!!!
They OGLED at famous corgis!!

Ninja--Sobs! My Dad went to look at OTHER Border Collies.
[HUM-PAO starts to tear like a fountain]

Then they met my LONG-LOST cousins--the Cardis!

And then....and then....and then.....
Sobs. Mom's carressing a Swedish Vallhund. Those are my long-lost cousins on the other side too!

The hoomans took a peekture HAPPILY. Now, let's talk. How can they be happy while we were so sad the whole of TWO weeks?!?! Grrrrr!!! Do they even MISS us???

Oh look!!! Crate for sale. 10% off! Now mom, why didn't u get one of those? Then I can go with u on your next trip!!!

I DUNCH care!!! Im going to THIS one. HMPF!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yuki & Ninja at SKC Trials 1st Nov 09

This is a peekture of the hooman compeitiors who were listening to the Alpha (guy with white hair circled). I dont see mommy inside but I spy Teacher and also Aunt J who always says Im cute hehe!

And do u know what happens to the dog while the hoomans listen to their Alpha? Dogs get locked up, hmpf!!

Just before our turn, Mom does some fun things with me. We do alota footwork which I realli realli like! And den I get fed sausages like nobody's business (cuz u are NOT allowed to bring them inside! Hee!)

This is mommy cue-ing me to jump and I did! Am I a good girl or what?

This is a close-up butt shot of how I do my jumps. Stop staring at my butt. I know its cute. :P

See?! I got tuck in my hinds! Pose nice nice rite?

Mom says I stick out my tongue when I jump. Really? Am I cute? Hee.

My hooman begging me to jump. Haha!

Yuki corgi's 2nd attempt at SKC Jumpers (Mini Novice)
No Q (qualify) but she did at least half the course which made me very very happy. I have noticed for the 1st time that she's actually very stressed and unsure in such an environment. And I kinda suspect she runs off to relieve the stress she feels. Not sure why I havent noticed it before. It doesnt happen much during trainings though she's always had a recall issue. Here, I had to shout quite loudly for her to hear me. See the speed at which she enters the tunnel and comes out of it? Well, that's her normal speed during training. The unsure and hesitation at the jumps is not what she does usually. I guess we got loads more to do but this trials was a marked improvement.

Yuki corgi's 2nd attempt at SKC Agility (Mini Novice)
I am darn proud of this lil' corgi cuz she did exactly what she's taught to do though we didn't complete the circuit. She did those weavepoles so happily at my voice-cue though she had a bit of problem finding the entry initially. She went gingerly on the dogwalk which was realli Yuki-style, using her paws to touch and test if it was stable. As she walked on it, I told her "You're realli a farnie dog, haha!" And at the obstacle Table, she went flat down straight. But when the judge gave an "OK" or "Go" instruction after the 5 sec wait, in his loud booming voice, yuki was done for the day. She got scared and started to wonder if she shd listen to me or the tall man. Duh. But I so love that dog.

Ninja's 1st attempt at SKC Jumpers (Maxi Novice)
This dog is FARNIE. He poops at least 3 times before his trials in the morning and he still does it in the ring. We supposed it was a nervous poop and I thot he did a great job following me in the ring, all da way till obstacle 7. It's only his 1st trials and Im glad he didnt wander off or dismantle any obstacles along the way. Surprisingly, he seemed to have cleared his jumps with quite a fair bit of cleareance.