Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Me turns 2 !

I am 2 yrs old now! HAH! So technically, I rulezzz the world now!
Ok, so I wasn't 2 yet when this shot was taken. This is a peekture of me last month at the trials with Dad. And that's how long my hooman's been lazy. Yeap, absolutely lazy.

Now this is me and Dad. As you can obviously tell, he is NOT important. Which is why they only shoot his legs. I have told him so many times, that if he squats to my height, he gets his whole face into the pic but he ain't listening.

So what do I do when my hooman's finally not in the pic (looks better now right?)?


I pose farnie!

I fly like SUPERDOG!!!

Now this is moi when I really turned 2 on 20th Oct!!

I pose demure. Hehehe.

And for all that posing, what do I get!?!?
This tiny bowl of "special" dinner. I don't even see Da Drumstix! Oh dOg! Pathetic hoomans! And those cheese shreds, you might as well not add. They do not fill the gaps in moi tooth at all. Sobs.

And they even made me wait *GASP* faintz.

On the verge of tears. Cuz I was too hungry.

Split seconds before I attacked my hooman.

Must we do this every year???