Sunday, January 17, 2010


The hoomans are BCBZ. It stands for Border Collie BuZy.


1) We have to send the bad boy to secret-society training.
Time: 930pm / Wed
Location: Secret
That's him with his brudders and their moms & dads, and the Guru teaching them sme yoga moves. I think its great work, but it gives me the dark eyebags!

2) Then, this silly boy started to have the runs. I had them too but he got them real bad. So bad until his ding-dongs got infected & swollen. And being a silly dude, he thot licking them was the best way to protect them. Is he really a smart dog?
Anyhows, the good Dog-ter gave him a CONE. *evil chuckles*

Initially, he thot it was fun. And he stood and waited. And waited. And waited. The hoomans taught him how to sit & lie down.

Then, he realised its not so fun after all. Hours later, he begs to take it off.
Have u seen a BC with shaking paws???
*Corgi gives evil laughter*

3) And then, I had to deal with THIS!!!!

My favourite hooman, Uncle Porky, got himself a new puppy!! Horrors!

Well, I had to admit he's all puppy fuzzy and sweet. I cant help protecting & playing with him, esp when the silly lil' brudder snaps at him. Though it takes ounces of self-discipline not to cry when I see MY HOOMANS hugging him.


Now THIS is TOOOoooo much!!! He even copies my CUTEST pose, the PENG-SAN corgi pose!!!
Can somebody pls tell him BC dunch look cute like THIZ???


xoxo, Yuki