Saturday, June 28, 2008

Pre-Agility Class Part I

Today is my 1st day at Pre-Agility Class @ doggy-school. Woah, Im sooo excited!! But wait a min, where's the grass?!? U mean we come to the same classroom to practise, like in obedience class?? Awww....that's boring!!

Mommy, I wanna go to the grass!!

Must I sit proper & listen?? Ok, I'll try...

Well, at least there're some new classmates I can play with. Let me introduce them here. Now that's Hamilton. That boy's got big ears, aint it?

And then there's Spot. I like his cute Bob Tail.

And of course, Tiger korkor!! He's a handsome boy @ 10mths old, just a wee bit bigger than moi. And that's his hooman korkor handling him for agility.
Tiger korkor's paws is the size of my face!

We have a new man in the class today, Sparky korkor. He's real special. He's a Border Collie, but shortfur like moi, with handsome markings.

I decided to give Sparky korkor a frenly kiss. Muaks!

And of course, my best fren Tristan came to class!! Yippee!! Dat's him practising hard with his mommy, Aunt C.

Hey Tris, shall we play? [Mommy: Yuki! Concentrate!! ]

Sparky korkor, play play?

Ok, last try! Tiger korkor, play with moi?

Mommy: ADD Yuki finally looks at her toy when everyone else ignores her. Hiaks!

To be continued...

Pre-Agility Class Part II---Take 5

Well, class is not over yet but we puppies gotta wee wee, aint we? So we got a take-5 & chilled out before going out for a stroll.

Mommy entices me with a sausage....

Ok Im hungry already. Havent had breakfast, hmpf!

Com'on, let me have it! Pretty pls?? Pls pls???
That's Tiger saying hi to us. Heehee!!
He's got brown eyebrows and brown butt!!! Heehee..

Anybody wanna make a guess what's in this furball? Well, that wld be moi underneath, Tiger on the left & Tristan on the right. I can't breeeath!!!

Handsome Tristan didi listening to his mommy, Aunt C.

Then there's Sparky looking at us from his Down-Stay stance. He Actually Stays. I cant believe it! [Mommy: Yuki! Can u learn from Sparky korkor??]
Oh no! Bell ring!!

Pre-Agility Class Part III--Last Lap

After the break, Uncle Smartdoggy made all our papas & mamas stand on a pavement. So we're supposed to learn how to walk properly today & not tug our papa & mama everywhere.

A class photo. See us hiding in the corner? Well, I wasn't too keen on such boring stuff but mommy was hiding cuz she says moi is embarrassing!! Bleah!!

Little Yuki REFUSES to move thereafter!
Yuki: I want Lunch. I want Lunch. I want Lunch.

Pretty Sable jiejie is 3 yrs old. There she is, looking all pretty.
Mommy says she walks like a real princess. And she's real sweet..

That's Max, the Husky doing a peekaboo while his Daddy chats with his Hooman brudder.

Finally, Yuki decides to move her BIG BUTT!

...Only to disturb hamilton..... sigh.

Finally class is over for us pups! Mommy decides to stay behind to let me watch the older doggies do their thing. We were lucky! Cuz we managed to catch Yoyo!! We've actually met him @ WCDR last week and he's real good at his agility stuff now. Hope to see him next week too!!

A new fren here! Oreo, a Blue Merle Border Collie, fren of Aunt C (Tris mommy). Anyways, Oreo's a very very pretty jiejie, all prime & proper. Even her collar & leash matches her furcoat!!

I was all in awe!! Oreo jiejie, can we be frens?

While we were posing prettily, Tristan didi comes in for a sneak attack!! Argh!!

How I wish everyday is like today!!!
Awesome Pawsome!!!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Sheep or Dogs?

We are going to the Westcoast dogrun again!! Im so happy when mommy comes home early from work so we can all go out together!

In the car on the way to WCDR, Yuki decides to.....climb onto the dashboard...AGAIN!!

Yuki: Mommy, just think of me as a tissue box k?
Mommy: Yuki! Get off the dashboard!!!

We finally reach the WCDR in 1 piece...hoomans + dog.

Ohmigod! Are those sheeps?!? Mama, can I herd them all???

Yuki: Now I'm quite sure the whitie's a sheep rite?
Mommy: No Yuki, he's a Borzoi. Now if I were u, I will be real nice to them.

Ok, I surrender, don't hamtam me.
But you really do look like a Border Collie. Same color what!

Meanwhile, Mommy plays with a pretty Golden Retriever jiejie.

Aint she sweet?

Till the next time.....

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Happy moi has just come back from my holidays, so here's some of my pretty peektures to share. Mommy has been on leave so we got to go on holiday-->Daddy, Mommy & me!
[Mommy: We couldnt leave this grumpy girl behind so we had no choice.....]

Mommy: A peekture of Yuki before we leave the hse...see her silly grin?

Mommy: As Yuki does nothing but grin, mommy had to help her pack her luggage! Bleah :P

The 1st place we went to was the beach!! Mommy had brought me to swimming classes when I went to doggie school previously. wasn't SOOO BIG!! Here's a peekture of my 1st attempt swimming in the sea. I had to paddle VERY hard so my corgi ears would stay above water, evil hoomans!!!

Paddle Paddle!!!

After a while, I decided I needed help!
Now where's the lifeguard when u need one?!?!

I had to appeal to stay on the beach to rest my paws!
Ohmigod! Im seeing drumsticks in the sky oredi!
[Mommy: Yuki baby is such a drama queen!]

After the long workout at the beach, we check into the hotel. Now this is unfair. The hoomans get a suite and moi gets a BATH-TUB?!? Hmpf!

Hooman Suite

Some get me outa here!!

After the bath, princess moi checks out the place. Let me sit pretty & pose pose, hehe!

Gosh, I'm starting to see drumsticks again... *tummy rumbles*

I like does that resemble a drumstick or wing? Hmm....

I think I'll take a nap....make myself comfy....Zzz...

Papa says I shd watch more soccer so I become knowledgible like him. But why is the ball so small?!? I think I like my ball better....

Ok! I'm bored already, can we go to gong-gong's hse nw??!

Mommy: Yuki spent the rest of the holidays at Grandpa & Grandma's place and got alota pampering from them, Uncle F & Aunt E. The lure of meatballs & buffet proved to be irresistable vs the beach. Sigh.