Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hijacked II

Mission: Put sme hansom peektures of ME on da blog!
Cuz me full name now is Ninja The Handsome Ransom of Snowchampz. Heehee.

I must put a disclaimer though, that all these hamsom peektures are taken by Aunt S smetime back. She has a wonderful blackbox that takes hamsom-est pics of me!

Now this is hansom me smiling!

This is hansom me not smiling but looking all prim n proper.

This is hansom me (side profile) with my favourite little hooman! Aunt S hooman puppy aka Tristan! I miss him soo much! He smells wonderful!

He tastes wonderful too!!! I bet Mr Chester JD will go crazy if he sees me licking his little hooman. Hehehehe!

Hansom? Hansom? Hansom?

Even mre hansom in BnW?? Heehee.


Heehee, this is Ninja the BC hijacking da blog again! My big sista Yuki-corgi is knocked out after the trials yesterday so she's sleeping soundly. (Not that she did anything much I heard but that's for another post)

Meanwhile, I got my paws on the comp so Im gonna post all those pics that Yuki-corgi hid away!

Now this is a pic smetime back of hansom Uncle D, Daddy & Mom. See my daddy? That's the realli realli geeky fellow in the free-bluecap and Tshirt bluffing 17yo! I miss my Daddy.

This is what the corgi does to me when ur not hme Daddy!!!

She wants my ball! And my ear! No! Dats my 1 good ear left!!

And she humps me!! Sobs!!

No! Not this ear either!!

It realli hurts!! Yelps!! Someone saveeee meeee!!!