Sunday, September 18, 2011

My sidekick NINJA

This is my sidekick NINJA. He's been growing up and he's finally 3 yearz ol!!

This is us at 1 of Ninja's barkday pawties! I'm of course, behind the camera, taking the peekture. Where did you think I was?

He's into doggysports so he reads his CleanRun magazines when he can. Ninja, no more ordering of doggy toys online, u hear me? We have way too much squeakies!

Sometimes he has to do guard duty at the door, beside Mom's many shoez.

At other times, all he needs to do is pretend to be a cute fluffy. Actually Ninja secretly thinks he's a chihuahua. this mabbe. Nah, this is our neighbourhood cat.

This is the 2 of uz in our new play area. The green rug's freaking me out, it looks so much like grass! Now let's hope the silly boy doesn't pee on it.

Ninja you see that? That's what they do to Border Collies who misbehave! They skin them! hehehe!

And this is the 2 of uz on our afternoon nap. Ninja, don't you drool on me! And dont grab me with your pawz, I'm not your bolster!

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