Thursday, June 24, 2010

Fwark off, 2 legged!

Its official, we have done away with the hooman kind of 2 legged so we can continue our blogging life. I cant believe SHE hogged the laptop for 6mths!

Well we did alota work during the 6mths. I worked sooooo hard at the trials! See peekture below for pwoof!
Hooman: IF u call running aweay frm the handler at the startline to be hardwork)

I got JUMP!

Oh well, just becuz I showed u the butt a couple of times, u didnt have to take me out from the trials! :P

We took a group foto! Ninja pwoofed he was there by pounching on cute Carbon. *tsk tsk tsk*

After the recent trials, mom & dad did something to the little terror. He got sniped. Poor thing *shakes corgi head* But he continued to show us his *XXXX-s* or the lack of it. Ahem.

Oh well, he grew a little grouchy so we had to be nice to him.

I tried to cheer him up with this shot! Double of me! He said its not funny, and a little scary actually.

He didnt smile until we brought him out! (pink scarf & all hehehe)

Isnt it nice to oust the 2 legged? We get to blog again!

Paws, yuki & ninja

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Tristan and Braun said...

Nice move, Princess!You are still my #1!